Magic File Renamer Help

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Add Items to Rename List ?
Customize how items will be added to Rename List ?
Add files to Rename List by wildcards ?
Sort Rename List ?
Select which fields will be shown in Rename List ?
Manual change values of items in Rename List ?
Remove unchanged items from Rename List ?
Cancel instant preview in Rename List ?
Export a column in rename list to a text file ?
Free edit values for a column in rename list ?
Refresh Rename List ?
Add files to Rename List from command line ?

See what filters are available ?
Add or remove filters to apply ?
Set filters to apply on properties other than file name ?
Modify filter applying order ?
Change general filter settings ?
Change configuration for a filter ?
Set filter configuration as a default ?
Reset filter configuration ?

Load a preset ?
Save a preset ?
Set description for preset?
Delete a preset ?

Apply changes ?
Change general options of MFR ?
View log of previous renaming operations?
Undo Last renaming operation ?
Undo a previous renaming operation ?
Reset configuration of MFR ?
Generate batch renaming file ?
Rename files from command line?

Install MFR ?
Uninstall MFR ?
Add or remove MFR from Windows Explorer right-click menu?
Register MFR ?

Move files to different folders ?
Modify ID3 tags of MP3 files ?
Modify file attributes ?
Modify file dates ?
Add serial numbers to file names ?
Rename files using a text file ?
Rename files using ?
Rename image files according to basic image properties?
Rename image files according to EXIF properties?

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