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You can use command line parameters to add items to the Rename List when MFR is started.
You can also drag a file, folder or group of files to the MFR icon on the desktop, to start MFR and add those items to the rename list. See also: Windows Context Menu Support.

Note that in order to perform automatic renaming from the command line, you should use the supplied Console mode version of MFR, MFRC.exe .

MFR command line usage:

MFR [filename|pathname|filemask] [parameters]

Adds the specified files or folders to the Rename List.
You can use local paths, full paths and wildcards.

Available command line parameters:
Parameter Description

Enables or disables adding files to the Rename List.

Enables or disables adding folders to the rename list.

Enables or disables recursively adding folder contents and sub-folders to the rename list.

Enables or disables adding hidden files and folders to the rename list.

Show also non-file-system items (e.g Control Panel) in File Explorer.
Default settings for the parameters are defined in the Options Window.
See Customizing how items will be added to Rename List and Adding Items to Rename List for more information.


MFR D:\music\*.mp3

MFR C:\mp3\indie /R+ /F+ /D-

MFR "\My Documents\hiddendocument.doc" "\My Documents\doc2.doc" /H+

"C:\Program Files\FineBytes\MFR6\MFR" *.mp3