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MFR supports a variety of filters to change names, ID3 tags and other attributes of files and folders. See also Available Filters List and Applied Filters List.

Available filters are:

Case Manipulating Group:
Capitalize After
Casing List
Letters Case
Sentence End Characters
Uppercase Initials

Space Manipulating Group:
Remove Spaces
Separate Capitalized Text
Shrink Spaces
Space After
Space Around
Space Character

Trimming Group:
Extract Left
Extract Right
Remove Duplicate Characters
Trim Between
Trim Left
Trim Right
Trim Spaces Left
Trim Spaces Right

Replace Group:
Replace List

Formatting Group:
Name List
Token Mover

Audio Group:
Audio Tag Remover
Audio Tag Setter
ID3v2 Field Setter
Set from FreeDB

Attributes Group:
Attributes Setter
Date Setter
Time Setter

Misc Group:
Fix Leading 0's
Strip Parentheses