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License Types
Single License Grants you the right to install and use MFR in one computer only.
You will get one license code for each personal license you purchase.
Dual License Grants you the right to install and use MFR in two computers only, e.g a desktop and a laptop.
You will get two license codes for each dual personal license you purchase.
Site License Grants you the right to install MFR in a requested number of computers. You will get a single site license code.
Site Licenses are available for organizations, starting from 10 computers license.
Volume discounts are available.
Upgrade License Grants you the right to upgrade any your previous version license to MFR 7 License.
You can purchase upgrade licenses up to the number of licenses of the previous version you own.
Upgrade license to MFR 7 is required for customers which purchased MFR before 1 April 2010.

Additional license terms:
  • All license types allows installation of licensed software on a replacement computer, if and only if the previous computer becomes inoperable such that the licensed software cannot be removed, or the licensed software is permanently removed therefrom.
  • There is no specific or effective expiry date for the licenses; e.g. no annual fee.
  • Any license grants you the benefit of free upgrades in the same major version of the software, and at least two years from the purchase date.
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