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Regular expressions are used in the Replacer Filter and the Replace List Filter, to search for a pattern of text instead of searching for a literal (static) text.

MFR uses Microsoft.Net regular expressions syntax. Browse the link for syntax specification.

The text that matched the pattern can also be extracted in the Replace With field using the specifiers: $0 specifies the whole match, $1..$9 specify captured sub-matches 1 to 9. Sub-matches are captures using ( ) metacharacters.

The button to the right of the search and replace text boxes let you input commonly used regular expressions specifiers to the text box.


Search Regular Expression Replace String Source String Target String
[0-9]+_-_ (blank) 14_-_Tears_For_Fears_-_Pharaohs Tears_For Fears_-_Pharaohs
\(.*\) BOOM ab(c)d abBOOMd
\((.*)\) $1 ab(c)d abcd
jpeg|jpe|JPE|JPEG|JPG jpg house.jpe house.jpg
^[0-9]+ _ 02Track2 _Track2