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I cannot activate my software - my personal code was changed after I replaced my computer. What should I do?
Please make sure you uninstall MFR from the old machine. After that, you can use the Activation page to generate a new license according to your new personal code.

The license code I received is not accepted by MFR. What can I do?
Please do the following:
  • Verify that the personal code you specified in the order form or upgrade form is correct, by opening the Register window.
    Note that the license code you received will be accepted by only one computer, and you have to purchase another license if you want to install MFR on another computer.
  • Verify that you filled your details in the Register window exactly as specified in your license details (possible mistakes: wrong case, extra spaces, not blank company, missing characters in the license code).
  • If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact FineBytes Sales.
I am a registered user. How can I inform FineBytes that my e-mail address had changed?
Please use the Email Update page.

Can I find out how many license I purchased?
Yse, use the Orders History Page.

Will I have to pay for new versions?
Out upgrade policy is the following: you are entitled for the same major version of the software, and at-least two years after your order had been made. After that, you will get a 50% discount for license renewal. You can use the Orders History page to find out if you are entitled for free upgrades. If you need to pay for upgrade, use the Upgrade Request page.

What is the Personal Code and how can I find my Personal code?
The personal code is a unique identifier of your computer. The license code you receive when purchasing or upgrading a license, is valid only for a computer with the same personal code.
Site license does not require a personal code.

How will I get my personal code if you decide to stop supporting MFR?
Magic File Renamer exist for more that 10 years. We will support MFR as long as required by our users.
If for some reason we will decide to stop supporting MFR, we are committed to publish a global site license code, which does not require a personal code.

I want to install MFR on a large number of stations. I do not all the fuss around different personal codes and license codes.
You can purchase a site license which does not require your personal code. You can install MFR with a single site license on a large number of computers. Site license can be purchased starting from 10 stations.