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Technical Support

Please try to read or search in the user manual and FAQs (in the web site) before contacting technical support.

The preferred way to get technical support is by using MFR's Online Message Board. You can post any program-related issue, to be answered shortly by FineBytes technical support team.

You may also submit a bug report or feature request in our issue tracking system.

You may also contact technical support by e-mailing

Registered users will receive improved technical support. Please mention in your message whether you are a registered user.


Comments, suggestions, bug reports or any other kind of feedback is welcomed.
Your feedback is very important to us and is the best way to have your influence on new releases of Magic File Renamer.

Please use MFR's Online Message Board for feedback or use our issue tracking system to post feature requests

You may also e-mail

Contact Information

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Technical support:

Postal address will be delivered by request.

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